Were You a Warrior in a Past Life?

Often, when you have a past life-regression, many of your questions about yourself in this lifetime are answered and things make so much more sense. Certain characteristics and beliefs can be brought forward from one life to the next. These can be positive traits and beliefs that help you on your journey or things that are making life difficult and holding you back. If you can recognise where these traits have come from and realise that they are not necessarily appropriate for the life you’re living today, you can let go of them and free yourself to move on.

A good example of this is someone who has spent a lifetime, or even perhaps many lifetimes, as a warrior, knight, soldier, samurai or something similar. Could this be you? Take a look at the particular positive and negative traits of the warrior and see if you can identify with any of them.

Positive Traits of the Warrior


It’s likely that you are extremely loyal to your family and friends and will be the first to stand up and fight for them without question. You will also be very dedicated to a particular cause that you feel passionate about and maybe you have a tendency to keep fighting until you see justice served. You’re the sort of person everyone wants on their team and you can always be relied upon.


If you see anyone being hurt or bullied in any way, do you feel the need to come to their rescue? This is a sure sign that you’ve brought those warrior traits into this lifetime. Maybe you have always been this way and, as a child, often found yourself defending bullied children in the playground. You may have a job today where you are often called into battle, either literally or metaphorically, and will charge in without question.


You may have exceptional observational skills and be able to think quickly and almost predict what will happen next. It’s likely that you are great at seeing any potential threats in a situation and enjoy neutralising them. You will also be a great multi-tasker and enjoy having a lot going on at once. This gives you a great sense of confidence and satisfaction.

These warrior traits make you a great friend and you will be respected for your bravery and determination. However, there are particular traits that can cause problems and hold you back. So, what might you need to let go of to help you progress on your soul journey?

Negative Traits of The Warrior

Fear of Appearing Weak

Your sense of “self” may be based on your ability to protect and defend those around you. This is great when you can do that, but what happens when you can’t? It is likely that you don’t react well to losing a “battle” and it may really knock your confidence and make you question who you are. It’s inevitable that we will all lose battles and arguments in life but perhaps you find this particularly hard to accept. You may even be particularly competitive at sports or games and hate the idea of losing. This can cause arguments with loved ones and friends.

You may also find that you struggle to ask for help yourself and you don’t react well to being ill or incapacitated in any way. You are far more comfortable looking after others than the other way around. However, at times we all need help, so it may be that is something you need to work on this time around.


As a natural warrior or soldier, you may always be on the lookout for potential threats. If anyone dares to disagree with you, perhaps your immediate reaction is to charge in and defend your views without really stopping and thinking about what they are saying. Sometimes, we can learn a lot by putting our views to one side and really looking at things from another’s perspective. So, if you catch yourself feeling threatened or overly annoyed by someone else’s differing views, try stepping back for a moment and quieting that inner-warrior. Tell yourself that you aren’t in danger and that maybe you could learn something by just calmly listening for a while. If you still disagree and the argument is important to you, you are more likely to get your point across if you can stay cool and simply listen without “charging into battle”.

If you’d like to explore your past lives and learn how they can help you to understand yourself and move forward more easily, please do get in touch.

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