Were You a Healer in a Past Life?

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Our souls can often hold memories of things that we experienced in previous lifetimes. This can show up in our current life as a talent or passion and motivate us to continue along that path, especially if we didn’t quite complete our chosen mission in the past.

If the memories we hold are negative, they can also show up as fears or phobias or simply hold us back through a lack of confidence. We may even find ourselves stuck repeating a particular pattern which causes frustration and suffering.

Past Life Regression can help us to identify forgotten talents and passions and feel clearer about our current life purpose. It can also help us to overcome phobias by recognising why we hold that fear and realising that it is no longer relevant. Often, just identifying the cause of the phobia is enough to release it.

So, what do your particular fears, phobias, passions, experiences and talents tell you about your soul’s journey so far? How can they help you find clarity and purpose in this lifetime?

This month, we’ll look at signs that you were a healer in a past life.

1. You Feel Compelled to Heal Others

This is probably the most obvious sign. If you currently work as a healer and have always felt drawn to that type of work, then it may be that you have carried that talent and passion from another lifetime. It may be that you didn’t complete this mission in a previous life because you were focused on other things or stopped by other people or circumstances.

If you aren’t currently in a healing profession but have always wanted to help others feel better, then that is also a strong sign. Were you the child who always played “doctors” with your toys and stuffed animals? Perhaps you were always the first one there when a childhood friend was injured. Are you the person that others call when they are suffering? These are all strong signs that you are a natural healer and you may be being called to complete this mission and use and build on the talents you previously acquired.

2. Vivid Flashbacks, Dreams and Déjà Vu

Do you ever have dreams of being a healer? It could be more than your imagination. Maybe these are past life memories coming up for you. They could be messages sent from your soul or higher self to remind you of your true mission in this lifetime.

Have you ever been doing any kind of healing or just holding space for a friend or loved one and felt very strongly that you’d done it before? This feeling of déjà vu is, again, a clue to your past and sent as either a prompt to encourage you onto the right path or perhaps just confirmation that you are doing exactly what you came here to do.

3. Phobia of Deep Water

Many healers were persecuted and seen as witches. If you have a fear or phobia of deep water, it could be that you were drowned as a punishment for your healing work in a previous life. Maybe you have nightmares about drowning or you refuse to travel by boat. You may even find that watching scenes in films or on TV that involve people swimming in deep water can make you feel fearful or uncomfortable.

4. Phobia of Fire

Of course, many suspected witches were also burnt to death and this can lead to a strong fear or phobia of fire. Maybe you feel uncomfortable around open fires or find that you are overly cautious around any type of fire. You may even avoid lighting candles or having an open fire in your home.

Sometimes, these deeply buried negative and frightening memories can cause us to doubt ourselves and avoid our true purpose, no matter how strong the calling. This leads to many negative feelings such as frustration, anxiety, anger or depression.

If you’d like to know more about past life regression or you want to book a session, please do get in touch.

I offer sessions online so all you need is a comfy chair, a quiet room and a good internet connection. I’d love to hear from you and help you to release any outdated fears and then remember and reconnect to your soul’s true purpose.

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