Past Life Regression Therapy for Weight Management

As a hypnotherapist, I help clients overcome many different problems. My specialism is helping people to overcome anxiety and phobias so that they can go on to build confidence and start to achieve their goals. However, I also help people lose weight, give up smoking, overcome unwanted habits and much more. Did you know that Past Life Regression Therapy can also help when we are working on many of these issues? Many people think of having past life regression simply out of curiosity, but it has so many therapeutic benefits.

Today, I’d like to focus on how weight management and particular eating habits can be helped through Past Life Regression Therapy.

Fear of Starvation

I have regressed people back to lives where their last memories were of starving to death. If these memories are not dealt with, this can cause all sorts of weight management issues in their current lifetime. Some have said that one of the last thoughts they had before leaving that body was that they would always make sure they had plenty of food and would eat whenever possible. They may have experienced many lifetimes since and, in each one, they have carried this fear of starving to death. Some people actually still experience a feeling of panic when they begin to feel hungry which causes over-eating and obesity.

Holding Weight as Protection

I have worked with people who have a history of sabotaging their weight loss efforts. They lose so much but then begin to feel uncomfortable and do all they can to put it back on again. They are never sure why they do this and become quite frustrated with themselves. When we’ve traced this feeling back, we’ve often discovered it is related to a past life where they were a beautiful woman and suffered some kind of abuse because of it. Prostitution, for example, dates back to at least 2400 BC, so many people will have experienced this kind of life. If someone was abused because of their beauty and slim figure, they may have left that lifetime determined that they would never again allow this to happen. Therefore, they subconsciously hold onto weight as a form of protection.


People who have experienced previous lives that required some kind of self-deprivation often have a belief that they must control what they eat and that denying themselves will somehow make them more spiritual. These same people can also have issues with money and feel guilty if they feel they have more than others. They may have lived a particularly religious life as a monk or nun and that desire for deprivation can actually cause them to be extremely strict with what they eat, even leading to issues such as anorexia.

Bingeing and Purging

Many people find themselves getting into a pattern of binge eating or drinking which they find very difficult to control. They may be very healthy for a while and then sabotage all their efforts to be slimmer or healthier by getting an overwhelming desire to suddenly eat or drink to excess without understanding why. It can be a habit that starts very early in childhood.

Over time, people not only binge but will then also purge, either so they can eat more or because they feel guilty about what they have consumed and worry about putting on weight. This can, of course, lead to serious eating disorders such as Bulimia Nervosa. Nowadays we find this difficult to understand, but, if we look back in history, bingeing and purging was a common way of life in some cultures.

The Romans, for example, would hold food orgies where they would enjoy evenings of endless eating. It would have been seen as offensive to turn down the many taste sensations, so they would binge and purge to allow them to eat everything on offer without getting too fat. Wasting food was also a sign of power and success.

Inside China’s “Forbidden City”, the officials were often treated to “all-you-can-eat” buffets as a reward for all their hard work. Bureaucrats would engage in competitions where they would binge and purge for hours to see who could process the most food and they would be rewarded with valuable prizes and trophies.

The Ottoman Empire of the Turks also engaged in bingeing and purging contests.

So, it’s easy to see how we can come into this lifetime holding onto past issues when it comes to food. By using hypnosis to really tune into the emotions that accompany the particular pattern, it is sometimes possible to follow that feeling back to a past life experience. When someone realises that the issue is no longer relevant and belongs in another time and to another body, it is possible to let it go and they can finally free themselves from this destructive pattern of behaviour.

If you are suffering from anxiety, phobias, unhelpful eating patterns, smoking or other unwanted habits, please get in touch to find out about how Hypnotherapy and/or Past Life Regression Therapy can help.

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