Is Your Phobia The Result of a Past-Life Trauma or Death?

Many people are interested in the idea of reincarnation and often want to be regressed to a past life simply out of curiosity. However, what they sometimes don’t realise is how healing it can be to re-experience a past life and how much it can heal current life problems. Things such as phobias, chronic anxiety, relationship issues, unexplained pain, weight issues and so much more can be brought into this life through past-life trauma. Through hypnotic regression, I can guide you back into a relevant past life and give you the opportunity to come to terms with a particularly traumatic event. You can then release that trauma, free yourself from the current issue and move forward in your spiritual journey more easily.

It is also interesting to know that many of our passions and interests can be a result of something experienced in a past life or that “life between lives” state. Many people I have regressed have found incredible peace or enjoyment through the experience. Some have even rediscovered forgotten talents!

In this blog post, we look at phobias and how they may have been caused by a traumatic incident or even death in a past life.


Phobias are usually defined as extreme or irrational fears. Sometimes, it is easy to identify the cause of that fear and you may have a conscious memory of how and when it started. For example, if you were bitten by an aggressive dog at an early age, it is understandable that you could so easily develop an extreme fear of all dogs. We would call this first frightening experience the initial sensitising event (ISE).

So, what if you have a phobia that you just can’t explain? Perhaps you have always been afraid of snakes but cannot recall an incident where you would ever even have encountered such a creature, let alone been scared or hurt by one. Have you always been afraid of deep water, yet there appears to be no reason that you can find for it? Maybe you have asked parents and family members or even been regressed to childhood but cannot find the ISE that could have led to your particular phobic reaction. So, if it wasn’t something learned in this lifetime, could it have been caused by an incident in a past life or a particularly traumatic death?

Dr Ian Stevenson spent decades travelling the world investigating children’s claims of past lives. He encountered many cases where children’s phobias appeared to be linked to a past life. In many cases, they were linked to the past life death. In 1990, Stevenson reported that among the 387 subjects in a grouping of past life cases, 36% included the presence of a phobia linked to a past life experience.

In one particular case, a child had a severe phobic reaction to drugs, injections and blood. She had memories of a life as a young woman who had died from a prolonged illness related to congenital heart disease.

In another case, a little boy from Turkey showed a marked fear of aeroplanes before he could even speak. Whenever he saw or heard a plane, he would run to his mother or hide under a bed. Later, he described the previous life of a man who had been killed in an aeroplane crash.

In 47 cases where drowning was a part of the past life memories, 30 of those subjects were found to have “a fear of being immersed in water.” And, in 30 cases where the past life memories included death by snakebite, 13 of those subjects were found to have a phobia of snakes.

So, if you suffer from a phobia, could it be the result of a past life death or trauma?

Often, just being regressed to that particular lifetime can be enough for the mind to let go of the phobic reaction and free you from fear.

If you'd like to talk more about how past life regression could help you to overcome your phobia, please contact me.

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